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Minimizing Infrastructure Risk During Storm Season

During storm season, businesses can see issues resulting from hurricanes, wildfires, and increased chances for tornadoes. When severe weather strikes, it is necessary to have a plan in place to protect against data loss and downtime.

What Is Disinformation?

We live in a world of facts and information which we use to form our opinions and make decisions. Sometimes those facts are incorrect, and we make poor decisions. But what if the information we receive is maliciously created to be incorrect?

What Is Social Engineering?

Social engineering is a broad term used to categorize malicious activities that utilizes psychological manipulation to trick users into making security mistakes or giving away sensitive.

Avoiding Burnout and Making Time For Your Health

At Bridgehead IT, our leadership values employees taking time to care for their health, families, and general well-being. We fully understand that it can be challenging to hit pause and take a break. In this article, we would like to focus on the importance of making time for experiences that refresh our mental well-being.