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Is Your Cell Service and Wi-Fi Getting Worse?

Posted: Jun 2022
Does it feel like your digital connections, like cell service, are getting worse? It’s not your imagination.

In late 2021, plans to phase out 3G services across all carriers were initiated. According to the FCC mobile providers like AT&T, Verizon, and T-Mobile will have completely phased out their 3G networks by the end of December 2022.

With the shutdown of 3G networks, which rely on older technology, more room is made for advanced network services and infrastructure, like 5G. The result is older devices will be unable to use data services. Additionally, older 4G phones that do not support Voice over LTE (VoLTE) will be affected.

More than just phones are impacted.

Depending on your network services, other devices such as security systems, medical devices, tablets and other connected products may be using 3G. Disruptions in services due to outdated equipment can be costly to businesses. Additionally, numerous issues can arise from the loss of service to systems that protect people and businesses.

Optimizing Wi-Fi speeds

Maximizing Wi-Fi speed and usage depends on the optimization of the network. This essentially boils down to two goals, allocating bandwidth for devices and avoiding signal obstacles. Depending on the usage within your organization, tackling these two objectives will vary in difficulty. However, there are some tried and true steps that remain a good starting point.

  • Secure your signal. This ensures outside users are not draining your bandwidth and potentially exposing your company to digital threats.
  • Set up a guest Wi-Fi. This allows businesses to set limits on data usage and limit dangerous digital activities.
  • Correctly place access points. Position them away from obstructions centrally located within user groups.

What you can do to stay connected

In addition to being aware of network service providers and Wi-Fi troubleshooting, businesses can also utilize cell signal boosters. Our team of infrastructure and cabling experts survey the site prior to system installation to gather data on the best geo-location for signal-boosting hardware. Additionally, working with a team, like ours, that can capture and export all scan results is critical to ensuring hardware placement from signal towers alongside a cohesive site installation plan.

As a WilsonPro-certified installer, Bridgehead IT offers commercial-grade cellular signal amplifiers. Our trained system experts can design and lay out a professional installation plan that ensures your business gets the best coverage while complying with local and federal regulations.

Optimal cellular and Wi-Fi signals are imperative to a company’s performance in a fast-paced digital world. When your team has uninterrupted connections to fulfill their workday, they’re more productive and less frustrated.

Improved Connectivity and Equipment

Suppose you feel like your signals are struggling to meet the demands of your business or personal use. It could be because that service is tied to outdated technology, like 3G. The time it takes to stop and reassess cell signals and Wi-Fi connections is undoubtedly longer than just powering through in the short term. However, in the long term, your company and your day-to-day life will benefit from faster, improved data connections.

Not sure what’s causing your slow service or connectivity? Set up a 15-minute call with one of our professionals to go over your business’ needs.

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