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Online Dating Scams

The truth about online dating scams is that people of all ages from all walks of life have fallen for such scams. Here are some warning signs.

How To Protect Your Tech Devices In Cold Weather

While we might not see that many cold days in South Texas. Cold weather can damage mobile devices, laptops, and other devices. Here’s how to prevent issues with your technology when the temperature plummets.

A Brief History of Computers

Where did computers come from? We’ll delve into some moments in the history of computers to explore the journey of technological innovation and invention.

Bridgehead IT Looks Back on Debut Year with Clutch

At Bridgehead IT, we bring with us more than 35 years of experience in the IT managed services and cybersecurity industry. Founded in 1999, our company has been one of the premier choices in San Antonio, Texas for anything IT-related services.

2022 Technology Terminology

Here is a glossary of the top technology terminology for 2022 to reference the concepts, processes, and solutions common in the IT industry.