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I work directly with Jason Lopez and your incredible team every week and cannot say enough good things about each and every member of your staff. Your team played a pivotal role in the set up and execution of what was an amazing and yet, unique year for our conference. Jason Lopez guided me through several technical areas this year in order to assist us with a dynamic merchandising component for our new merch launch. I literally, could not have done it without your team, they are nothing but wonderful.
Christin G.
I just wanted to let you know how pleased I am with the work Chase and Chris are doing for us overall, but especially around the AWS project. They have both put in long hours and made themselves available whenever needed to keep the AWS migration project moving. When we finally push this thing over the goal line, it will be largely because of their efforts.
Jimmy G.
Thanks to Bridgehead IT, the company could identify hacked users instantly with the Microsoft Office 365 feature. The team streamlined the workflow and responsively communicated each process, keeping everyone informed. Above all, they worked beyond the call of duty, providing solutions.
Danny O.
Trust, Intelligence, Compassion, Acumen, Integrity, and relationships based on years of trust and understanding.
Christopher R.
We have used Bridgehead for many years now, and they support our 75 employees with quality and timely technical support. From email and file servers to cyber-security and technical consultations, they do it all and they do it well.
Benjamin O.
This morning I wanted to reach out to you to shout out a huge KUDOS to Kraig. He always comes to our rescue and that is so appreciated that words cannot express. He is an integral part of why Bridgehead IT is what it is today from my perspective. Kraig is always willing to help, offer ideas, and knows what he is doing. We appreciate him.
Sue P., Practice Manager
As a service manager, it is critical to minimize down time for your techs and team. [Bridgehead IT] gets us out of a bind every time. Whether on-site or remote, they get us “back in business“.  The level of care really comes through. Thanks for keeping us rocking!
Jim S.
I would highly recommend using Bridgehead IT as my team and I have worked with them for the past 15 years and I can personally vouch for the support, responsiveness, and depth of knowledge that they provide to their clients. If you have a need for proactive (versus reactive) IT support, a recommendation for another line-of-business application, custom application development, or even a security risk assessment for a cybersecurity policy or annual HIPPA requirement, their team of 100+ employees can easily assist across the US.5 Stars!
Dirk S.
I’ve had the opportunity to work with Bridgehead IT and their team through the collaboration and design process all the way through to the implementation of key IT projects for our company… Bridgehead IT and their team take the time to understand the problems your company is facing and propose multiple custom tailored solutions to solve those problems. Not only have they helped elevate our company’s IT infrastructure, they are super quick with sourcing hardware, software, or providing services such as incident response. I highly recommend Bridgehead IT and will continue to use their outstanding services for current and future projects.
Christopher B.
Outstanding IT service company. Bridgehead IT performs better than anyone I know, and I have been doing this for over 40 years. These folks are very reliable and trustworthy.
Mark L.
Bridgehead IT provides an all inclusive platform for our 20+ doctors company with an outstanding, ethical performances that surpasses the industry. We did a major search for health related companies nationwide and gladly found this wonderful family owned company. They are highly integrated, organized, with major server knowledge, aware of all meaningful EMR rules and regulations and health care related needs.
Dr. H. Mizani
We have been working with Bridgehead for over a year now. They help with all aspects of our firm’s IT. From top to bottom, they’re great. They are always responsive and incredibly knowledgeable. We’ve thrown numerous challenges their way and they’ve ably handled each.
Matthew P.
We have worked with Bridgehead IT for over 6 years now in areas such as VMware, Back-Up Storage, Exchange Server Migration and Cyber-Security Managed Services… Wes and Gary are the rarest of consultants; professionals who are honest, sharp, knowledgeable, and focused one hundred percent on customer satisfaction and quality. Bridgehead continues to stay up with the latest Technology and have truly helped our company to maximize our effectiveness in the insurance space. Great team and service experience.
Gregory L.

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