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Cybercrime and Ransomware – How To Protect Your Business
Ransomware and cybercrime is a highly profitable business for online threat actors. For every company that elects to not pay a ransom, there are likely dozens more who’ve quietly paid the ransom which can easily measure in the millions.
Rackspace Hosted Exchange Outage 2022
Bridgehead IT is following the cyber incident and outage affecting Rackspace managed Exchange environments. While there is no clear timeline on when, or if, services will be restored to clients, globally there are many businesses at a standstill during this critical time of year.
Voices Of Veterans
Voices of our veterans is a piece written by a former Marine and his story of survival. This Veteran’s Day we honor those who answered the call to serve.
Holiday Cybersecurity Tips
Holiday cybersecurity tips for protecting your information and data while shopping online during Christmas season.
Google Tracking & Phone Privacy – How Much Do They Know?
Safeguard your privacy from Google tracking and online data collection. Here’s how to double check your phone’s privacy settings.
Best (Free) Photo Editing and Microsoft Office Software Alternatives – For Personal Use
Looking to reduce your paid subscriptions? Or, maybe you need free software alternatives. Here are our recommendations.
How To Hack Screen Time – Kids Are Getting Around Parental Controls
Although phones have control settings, kids have learned how to hack screen time and bypass parental controls. Learn more about how to stay vigilant.
Minimizing Infrastructure Risk During Storm Season
During storm season, businesses can see issues resulting from hurricanes, wildfires, and increased chances for tornadoes. When severe weather strikes, it is necessary to have a plan in place to protect against data loss and downtime.
What Is Disinformation?
We live in a world of facts and information which we use to form our opinions and make decisions. Sometimes those facts are incorrect, and we make poor decisions. But what if the information we receive is maliciously created to be incorrect?
Is Your Cell Service and Wi-Fi Getting Worse?
How the phasing out of 3G cellular networks and service affects you and your business’ cell and wi-fi signals.
What Is Social Engineering?
Social engineering is a broad term used to categorize malicious activities that utilizes psychological manipulation to trick users into making security mistakes or giving away sensitive.
Avoiding Burnout and Making Time For Your Health
At Bridgehead IT, our leadership values employees taking time to care for their health, families, and general well-being. We fully understand that it can be challenging to hit pause and take a break. In this article, we would like to focus on the importance of making time for experiences that refresh our mental well-being.
Custom Software To Reduce Your Business’ Labor Costs
Give your business an edge and reduce labor costs with custom software designed for your organizational needs.
Bridgehead IT Earned The Best Place For Working Parents® Designation 2022
Bridgehead IT earns The Best Place For Working Parents® business designation in recognition of commitment to supporting families through family-friendly policies and practices.
20 Ways To Block Cyber Attacks on Mobile Devices
Don’t let your guard down just because you’re on a mobile device. Be just as careful as you would on a desktop!
Microsoft Server 2012: End of Life Support
Beginning October 2022, support and security updates for Windows Server 2012, and 2012 R2 End of Extended will reach End of Life.
Cybercrime – It Happens More Often Than You Think
Large-scale cyberattacks make the news, but that’s just the tip of the iceberg. Cybercrime is on the rise, and the majority of attacks go unreported.
Online Dating Scams
The truth about online dating scams is that people of all ages from all walks of life have fallen for such scams. Here are some warning signs.
Good Security Practices for Users – Mitigating User Risks
What can users do to mitigate their share of the organization’s risk? The first – and arguably most important – step is to start exercising good security practices: sometimes referred to as security hygiene.
How To Protect Your Tech Devices In Cold Weather
While we might not see that many cold days in South Texas. Cold weather can damage mobile devices, laptops, and other devices. Here’s how to prevent issues with your technology when the temperature plummets.
Technology Expertise: Bridgehead IT’s Gilbert Espinoza Earns BICSI RCDD Certification
Director of Infrastructure and Cabling Operations, Gilbert Espinoza, earns the BICSI RCDD certification, adding even more diverse expertise to Bridgehead IT.
A Brief History of Computers
Where did computers come from? We’ll delve into some moments in the history of computers to explore the journey of technological innovation and invention.
Your Best Home Office for Remote Work
It’s 2022 and working from home is still a reality for many. Here’s how you can jump start your home office for a productive year.
Understanding the Log4j Exploit – An Update on an Evolving Cybersecurity Situation
What is the Log4j Exploit? Here is an update on an evolving cybersecurity situation and what it means for the users.
Bridgehead IT Looks Back on Debut Year with Clutch
At Bridgehead IT, we bring with us more than 35 years of experience in the IT managed services and cybersecurity industry. Founded in 1999, our company has been one of the premier choices in San Antonio, Texas for anything IT-related services.
2022 Technology Terminology
Here is a glossary of the top technology terminology for 2022 to reference the concepts, processes, and solutions common in the IT industry.
Antivirus Software Isn’t Enough to Protect Your Business. Here’s What You Need To Know.
Antivirus Software Isn’t Enough to Protect Your Business in 2022. Here’s What You Need to Know to Protect Your Business.
Bridgehead IT Earns First Five-Star Clutch Review
Bridgehead IT is a premier partner with Microsoft, HPE, Cisco, SonicWall, and VMWare as well as a holder of multiple IT certifications. All of which is proof of skills that we gear towards helping our clients get the most out of their business operations through developing bespoke IT solutions.
How Much Should Your Business Budget For Technology?
Budgeting for technology does not need to be hard, but it is essential for any 21st-century business, no matter the size of the company. Understanding what exactly your company needs is a prerequisite for finding the best solution.
Why Your Business Needs MDR Services as Part of Your Cyber Security Plan
The simple definition of an MDR service is a 24-hour online security operation that protects technology infrastructure from the full range of threats, especially ransomware, which is still proliferating at an alarming rate.

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