Understanding I.T.

Business Requirements vs. Functional Requirements A Simple Guide
Business Requirements vs. Functional Requirements: A Simple Guide
Few people would dispute requirements play a pivotal role in any project’s success. This is especially the case in the IT ecosystem and software development where requirements are the bread and butter of effective project management. The situation gets more complicated when we start talking about requirement types. In particular, the relationship between business requirements vs. functional […]
Patch Panel Installation 11 Key Steps to Installing a Network Patch Panel and Switch
Patch Panel Installation: 11 Key Steps to Installing a Network Patch Panel and Switch
As businesses upscale, their technology needs change. A single entrepreneur with a laptop may have started the business. However, before long the business requires office space and a network to meet production demands.
Straight Through vs Crossover Cables What is the Difference
Straight-Through vs. Crossover Cables: What’s the Difference?
Comparing straight-through vs. crossover cables is fairly simple when you take the basics of the two. We’d like to break down these differences more granularly so that anyone can understand why these two cables need to be used in separate situations.
Microsoft 365 Business Voice
Microsoft 365 Business Voice is an enterprise-level communication system designed for small to mid-size businesses. Microsoft 365 Business voice blends voice calls, teleconferencing, and messaging functionalities in one app. Microsoft 365 Business Voice leverages Microsoft Teams, streamlines communication, and reduces costs with the flexibility your business demands.
The Security Achilles Heel
As information and business processes become increasingly digital, the stakes in the battle for protecting valuable personal and business data grow higher and higher. Phishing scams alone cost American Businesses over $500 Billion a year. These types of attacks are only becoming more frequent.
It is Never too Early to Include I.T.
IT plays a foundational role in almost every business’s day to day operations. The growing reliance on IT infrastructure means that IT needs a seat at the table when making strategic business decisions.
What can PowerApps do? The sky is the limit!
Microsoft PowerApps brings enterprise-level automation to organizations of all sizes. PowerApps allows organizations to connect business data with customized logic and workflows to transform time-consuming, mistake-prone processes into automatic and instant digital data.
The Age of Hybrid Intelligence
The technology landscape began a dramatic shift with the emergence of cloud. Cloud technology opened the door to unprecedented agility and scalability... Shifting to the cloud provides a level of real-time workload management and data storage access that was never possible before. A variety of subscription-based, remotely managed services are available with the click of a mouse.
Four reasons you shouldn’t buy a consumer grade TV for your business
Screens are screens, right? Not quite. While commercial displays and today’s consumer TVs may look similar at first glance, using consumer-grade TVs for commercial applications can cause some problems. Here are the top four reasons investing in a commercial-grade solution makes sense