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Avoiding Burnout and Making Time For Your Health

Posted: Jun 2022
Anti-Burnout Activities

We live in a society that champions, even glamorizes “the hussle”. This culture of working until burnout has been further highlighted by everyone from CEOs to our favorite celebrities and public figures. The pandemic seems to have been the catalyst for a societal paradigm shift. As many people were forced to work from home priorities were realigned to avoid burnout and gain a better work / life balance.

At Bridgehead IT, our leadership values employees taking time to care for their health, families, and general well-being. We fully understand that it can be challenging to hit pause and take a break. So, in this article, we would like to focus on the importance of making time for experiences that refresh our mental well-being.

Although personal situations may not always favor full vacations, plenty of local activities can help facilitate a mental reset. For instance, here are some ideas to get a mini-weekend vacation or use local resources to decompress.

Schedule Free Time

One of the top reasons many experience burnout is that they never seem to have any time. Schedule your free time and plan ahead to decompress. Here are some items to add to your calendar today:

  • Morning cup of coffee. Take 15 minutes to reset your mind.
  • Request a Monday or Friday off. Use the 3-day weekend to plan something fun.
  • Lunch. It’s easy to power through your day, but stopping to make sure you’re hydrated and fed is important.

Go Outside

Taking the time to simply go outside and get some sun and fresh air can work wonders for your mental health. No matter if you take a walk in the park, around the block, or a road trip to the Texas Hill Country, nothing refreshes the mind like the great outdoors.

Here are some outdoor escapes in and around San Antonio:

Enjoy An Upscale Meal

Many don’t think of eating as self-care. However, it absolutely is! Eating well is one of the best ways to boost/balance your mental and physical health. Visiting a new restaurant also gives you the benefit of seeing some unique scenery and taking in a new experience. This experience can be even more magnified if you opt to invite a close friend or family member along for the trip.

Here are some fine dining experiences in San Antonio:

Build A Support Team

A great way to overcome burnout is by building a support team. Your personal community can address needs such as childcare, emergency response, emotional support, and much more. Best of all, your team can consist of as few or as many people as you’d like. Colleagues can help support each other through the difficult aspects of work. A network of working moms who can help provide resources to achieve a better work-life balance. Either way, building a support team is a great way to allow you to get the help you need, while also helping others.

Meditate and Get Fit

Meditation and exercise is an ideal way to boost mental and physical health because it can be done anywhere you wish and for free. Moreover, there is no shortage of physical activities you can use to revitalize the body and elevate endorphins. So, no matter if you want to take a jog, dance, do yoga, kickboxing, or any other activity that can allow you to channel your mental and physical energy, this can be an excellent way to boost your mental/physical health almost instantly.

Here are some options to check out right here in San Antonio:

Although employee burnout is relatively common, it doesn’t have to be. Burnout is simply a sign that you are not focusing on self-care or putting your mental health first. By taking the time to foster an environment that promotes positive work / life balance, we can empower the workforce to become more mental-health conscious and eliminate long bouts of burnout. Here at Bridgehead IT, we hope to serve as a leader, encouraging other companies and organizations to foster employee-centric environments.


“One of the great things about Bridgehead IT is everyone genuinely cares about each other during and outside working hours. I am constantly being asked how I am doing and what can be done to make things even better. Small things like having a game night really helps when you aren’t always in the office. Being able to find out that a lot of people you work with carry the same interests as you is extremely comforting and genuinely makes me want to come to work every day to spend time with not only my co-workers but now my friends. Plus, who could go wrong with some Friday night gaming!”

— Nick


Schedule breaks and time off. Even if it is just 15 minutes for your morning cup of coffee.

Reserve a nice dinner out for you and a partner. Enjoying an upscale meal offers a little respite when vacations are not possible.

Get some fresh air. Whether it is a trip to the San Antonio Zoo or other local attractions, spending time outdoors can be refreshing. Just remember sunscreen and hydration.

Reach out to your friends and family for support. A strong support system helps overcome temporary hurdles.

Take time for exercise and meditation. Regular physical activity has a profound positive impact on depression, stress, and helps you sleep better.

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