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How Safe Is What You Type Into AI? A Business Consideration in the Age of AI Assistants

Artificial intelligence (AI) assistants are rapidly transforming the way businesses operate. From streamlining customer service interactions to automating data analysis, AI offers a multitude of benefits. However, a crucial question lingers for businesses: How safe is the data we input into AI systems?

Here’s a breakdown of the potential risks and how to navigate them

Cybersecurity Terms: A Guide to Common Industry Jargon

Cybersecurity, the practice of protecting information systems and data from unauthorized access, use, disclosure, disruption, modification, or destruction, is more important than ever. Navigating the world of cybersecurity can feel overwhelming. Don’t worry, this guide will break down some common terms.

Hacker vs Threat Actor

Confused by “Hacker” vs. “Threat Actor”? This guide breaks it down! Not all hackers are bad, but all threat actors are hackers with malicious intent. Learn the motivations, methods, and different types of threat actors (cybercriminals, hacktivists, APTs) to stay safe online. Click to understand the ever-evolving cybersecurity landscape!

Disaster Recovery and Resilience: Weathering the Storm

Learn how DR minimizes downtime from outages, cyberattacks, and natural disasters. It explains the difference between DR and backups, and the importance of redundancy, automation, and testing. Zerto’s solutions are mentioned for achieving minimal data loss and downtime. Bridgehead IT offers DR assessments for Texas businesses.

FTC Safeguards Rule: A Guide for Businesses

Confused by the FTC Safeguards Rule? Don’t be! This guide explains how the rule protects customer data and what “reasonable security” means for your business. Learn how to assess risks, develop a data security program, and stay compliant.

Building a Digital Fortress: Essential Cyber Hygiene Practices

Just like personal hygiene keeps us healthy, cyber hygiene is essential for safeguarding our digital lives. In today’s interconnected world, where we constantly access information and conduct business online, strong cyber hygiene practices are more important than ever. Here are some of the key practices that Bridgehead IT advises individuals and organizations can adopt to build a robust defense against evolving cyber threats.

(CTEM) Continuous Threat Environment Management: Protecting Your Business with Bridgehead IT

What is CTEM? Continuous Threat Environment Management (CTEM) is a proactive security strategy that involves the constant monitoring and analysis of your organization’s IT infrastructure to identify and mitigate threats with a risk-based approach. Bridgehead IT is an enterprise-level IT firm that can help you implement and leverage CTEM to stay ahead of attackers and […]