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What Happens When Your Driver’s License Is Stolen?

Travelers lost their wallet on the floor at the airport

TL;DR: How To So, you’re traveling for business, rushing through airport security. Through the crush of people your focus is on getting to your destination. Jostling travel bags make their way along conveyor belts. Driver’s license in hand you try to look as inconspicuous as possible to the TSA agents who bark orders to you […]

The Silent Siege: Protecting Against Token Theft and BEC Attacks

@ Symble On Hook Over A Grid Monitor

Have MFA and think you’re safe? Think again. Cybersecurity threats evolve as quickly as technology itself, and two alarming trends have recently risen to the top of the threat landscape: token theft and Business Email Compromise (BEC). These attacks exploit our reliance on digital tokens and email communication, posing a significant risk to businesses and […]

Why Microsoft SASE is a Game-Changer

In today’s hyperconnected world, businesses face a critical security challenge: protecting sensitive data and applications while empowering employees with seamless access to cloud resources, regardless of their location or device. Traditional security solutions often siloed and latency-ridden, struggle to keep pace with this dynamic landscape. This is where Microsoft SASE Security Access Service Edge stands […]