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Why Your Business Needs MDR Services as Part of Your Cyber Security Plan

Posted: Dec 2021

At the time of this writing, new cybersecurity threats are still coming to light despite decades of security research to thwart cybercrime and malware before it strikes.

Whether it’s the risk of supply chain attacks or leaked credentials sold to the highest bidder on the dark web, your organization needs a different approach to the usual cyber security best practices.

That’s where managed detection and response (MDR) services come into play, and more organizations rely on them to shore up their cyber security postures. Overall, the idea is that by supplementing your security operations with an army of experts, you can minimize the risk of falling victim to a cyber-attack as well as financial damage, if any.

What is MDR exactly?

The simple definition of an MDR service is a 24-hour online security operation that protects technology infrastructure from the full range of threats, especially ransomware, which is still proliferating at an alarming rate. Hence, these types of managed services are essential to businesses looking to prevent, respond to, and guard against cyber-attacks.

So, at Bridgehead IT, we chose to work alongside two of the most trusted brands in the cybersecurity industry – Microsoft and BitDefender. As a Microsoft Gold Partner, this collaborative relationship is earned through a commitment to providing the highest level of company customer care. Not only that, but our team can provide a full slate of security improvements to strengthen your position even further.

What are the main benefits of MDR services?

Still, you might be wondering about the specific benefits. After all, many organizations already have a reasonably extensive portfolio of managed services, so why add another? Here’s why we recommend MDR services to give you an idea of what to expect.

1.) Malicious actors are constantly adapting to TTP to avoid standard security.

When it comes to tactics, techniques, and procedures (TTP), malware authors and hackers who use their tools must constantly adapt to avoid detection. The truth is that the traditional cyber security model that monitors network traffic isn’t enough to protect organizations since the worst cybercriminals never stop looking for exploits and new ways to compromise IT infrastructure and systems.

2.) The cost of remediating a cyber-attack is rising.

The first step to bolstering your company’s security posture is acknowledging how persistent and advanced the threat has become. The numbers show that the financial damage from a relatively small data breach is rising and has been doing so year after year for the better part of a decade. Now, the average cost of a data breach is approximately $4 million per incident, and it won’t go down any time soon, if ever.

3.) Determining which IT infrastructure and systems are most vulnerable.

The bottom line is that not every system is equally vulnerable to a cyberattack, so another benefit of MDR services is threat identification and analysis. If you don’t know which data is most valuable to hackers and cybercriminals, how will you make a cyber security plan?

Contact us to learn more about Managed Detection and Response services since we work with the best vendors in the industry.


Cyberattacks are getting more frequent

A new incident occurs every 39 seconds, and projections estimate the total cost of cybercrime will reach $6 trillion in 2021.



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