Customized Documentation and Data Mapping for Businesses

Bridgehead IT offers a comprehensive suite of documentation services to help businesses of all sizes improve their IT infrastructure and processes.

Network Mapping

  • Network Diagrams (LAN) – Layer 1
  • Network Diagrams (WAN) – Layer 3 
  • Rack Diagrams – Rack reference maps for a site’s server rack infrastructure.
  • Dataflow Diagrams – Outline major processes and how they interact with your business on a structural level.
  • Interactive Map Service – ConnectWise Configuration links applied to structures within your maps for easy reference.

Reduce Downtime & Improve Efficiency Information

    IT Newsletter: Common issue guides published every month based on common technology related problems and what tickets are being submitted to your IT resource.

    Hardware Manuals: Guides for how to use or troubleshoot specific onsite hardware. These can include things like scanners, medical equipment, shop tools, and more.

    Software Manuals: Guides for how to use or troubleshoot specific onsite software. These can include things like internal software, commonly used operating system functions, and more.

    Increase Employee Productivity & Satisfaction

    Workflow Mapping: Documentation that easily visualizes how processes work within a business’s/site’s/department’s workflow and facilitate efficiency through standardization.

    IT Procedure Documentation: Documents describing how to interact and utilize your IT infrastructure to its maximum capability, as well as how to perform simple troubleshooting processes.

    Comply With Industry Regulations

    Documentation Review and Proofing: Quarterly/Bi-Annual Documentation Reviews, comprehensive assessment of all client documentation, and case-by-case document proofing and branding review.

    Documentation Training Course: We provide training on how to promote documentation within a company, and infrastructure for how to amplify a company’s documentation culture.

    Process Training Documentation: Train your associates to use new technological processes to increase their efficiency, while onboarding tech to their workflow quickly.

    Thoughtful solutions, not quick fixes.

    Our services are engineered to meet the specific objectives of each client. That starts with having the right people, who are experts in their field to develop solutions that support our clients.