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Rapid Acquisition and Cost Control

Posted: Nov 2023

The Client

Flourish Research is a portfolio company of NMS Capital that specializes in clinical trials. Flourish Research was not an established company when it acquired Clinical Trials of Texas (CTT) and needed to build an IT roadmap for future acquisitions.

The Challenge

Flourish Research needed to learn from CTT’s IT systems to create its own, while also controlling costs. Flourish Research needed a gameplan that could be repeatable because 4 locations in Florida, and 3 in Chicago were on the docket for acquisition already. Flourish Research required a 30–45-day integration window from time of purchase to integration into all Flourish Research IT systems.

The Solution

Bridgehead IT developed a standardized IT integration blueprint for Flourish Research that can be used to integrate new acquisitions quickly and efficiently. Blueprint development is an evolving and living process geared toward their specific industry. Flourish Research required a playbook that was always morphing to meet business needs but always to hit the 30–45-day window. Based around homogenization and standardization, Bridgehead IT developed an M&A plan that Flourish Research could lean on when in negotiations to purchase and acquire new entities. Using a streamlined life-cycle asset management system that is scalable, Flourish Research and Bridgehead IT can be efficient and allow a fast rate of growth while maintaining cost control. By deciding upfront that all entities are going to adopt the Flourish Research IT blueprint, with buy-in from the top, the C-Suite aligns the human capital to the new systems and processes. Standardization is the key to a well-oiled machine that is able to navigate the business marketplace with agility and purpose.

“We view Bridgehead as a trusted extension of our management team for IT, and that’s invaluable,” Brooke Evans, VP Operational Excellence at Flourish Research.

The Results

Bridgehead IT’s technology integration blueprint has helped Flourish to:

  • Reduce the upfront investment required to integrate smaller acquisitions.
  • Make integrated companies more valuable network assets.
  • Improve efficiency and support.
  • Streamline life-cycle asset management.
  • Achieve cost control by conforming to standards at scale.
  • Flourish Research was able to grow from 1 user in Q2 2022 to over 500 with 14 sites in Q3 2023.
  • Ensured the security of all systems in the environment and secure integration of new systems.
  • Makes integrated company a more valuable network asset, versus selling off larger, non-integrated assets.

Portfolio companies can benefit from a pre-negotiated tiered pricing structure to streamline integrations and support. All portfolio companies doing business with Bridgehead IT will be able to take advantage of pricing based on total volume of users and devices. Cost control IT is achieved by conforming to standards, allowing for a scalable pricing structure. Private Equity can have peace of mind knowing Bridgehead IT is managing costs, supporting growth, being agile, and increasing margins for the business.

“Bridgehead IT has a proven track record through its ability to help Flourish Research grow. A good proof of point is how quickly they have kept up with that. This is critical in choosing a partner who can keep up with scalability,” said Reinhold Schulz, President and CEO at Flourish Research.

The Technology

Bridgehead IT uses a variety of technology solutions to implement its IT integration blueprint, including:

  • Microsoft Azure cloud suite
  • Microsoft 365 suite of products
  • HP workstations
  • Cisco networking
  • HPE Aruba networking
  • Sonicwall Firewalls

About Bridgehead IT

Bridgehead IT is based out of San Antonio, TX and is one of the largest technology employers in the city. They employ nearly 100 individuals with specialties that span over a dozen sectors of the technology industry; many of whom retain certifications from industry leaders such as Microsoft, Cisco, HPE, and others. Bridgehead IT is locally owned and operated, and is a Microsoft Gold Partner, GSA Contract Holder, and a CMMC Registered Provider Organization.