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Posted: Jul 2023

The Client

LASO Health is an online platform created by a team of medical professionals, doctors, and technologists. Launched in 2020, LASO Health works to remove barriers that stand between patients and the care they need, such as surprise billing and availability. LASO’s unchanging vision is to keep expanding and empowering healthcare transparency, access, and convenience.

The Challenge

Dr. M. Reza Mizani, a practicing physician for more than 20 years and founder of LASO Health, recognized the difficulty patients had in accessing doctors and getting the healthcare they needed with upfront pricing. Moreover, healthcare lacked transparency in terms of costs, a direct patient-to-doctor relationship, and sourcing the type of practitioner they need based on circumstances. In the United States, 70% of individual debt that causes bankruptcy is caused by medical expenses. In 2016, LASO Health approached Bridgehead IT for their healthcare IT services with the idea of crafting a simple-to-use platform that consumers could use to access upfront pricing on the healthcare they needed.

The Solution

Bridgehead IT’s on-staff development team produced a proof of concept from the ground up, working through multiple iterations that aligned with LASO’s vision. In the initial launch phase of the live application things were complicated by the COVID-19 pandemic. Adapting to the crisis, the team quickly pivoted their scope due to the scalable nature in which the product was developed. It became Covid testing focused during the height of the pandemic, with Bridgehead IT continuing to evolve the platform as LASO Health’s business model was shaped by patient needs. Our team of experts-on-demand supported LASO Health, providing dedicated resources needed to adapt to fluctuating timelines and workloads. LASO Health and Bridgehead IT teams synergized their experience and workflows to continue innovating the boundaries of the application, and so their vision rose to meet patient and healthcare provider needs through early 2023.

The Results

LASO Health is revolutionizing healthcare accessibility. Their providers expanded throughout 2021 and 2022 to include Audiology, Esthetics, Oncology, Weight Loss, Pain Management, Vascular Care and more than a dozen other healthcare specialties. Since launching in 2020, they’ve grown to an average of 5,000 monthly active users according to Startups San Antonio.

After steady growth of both clients and healthcare providers through 2022, they were able to establish a partnership with Walmart Health Virtual Care in 2023. Bridgehead IT continues to support their team with our healthcare IT services to implement telehealth directly through the LASO app as a monthly membership. Through their unique service they’re delivering real world savings not only to individuals needing healthcare access, but businesses looking to save on health expenses. A LASO Health case study outlined an annual cost savings of 33% for a construction company in South Texas. Currently LASO Health partners with more than 150 medical, dental, and wellness providers in the San Antonio and Austin markets.

“We are now looking to do this in every city,” Tim Kaufeldt, CEO of LASO Health told the San Antonio Business Journal.

The Technology

Bridgehead IT built a mobile application platform powered by a scalable cloud architecture. The design is flexible and intended to scale on demand, meeting new requirements as they are established. We designed a mobile application in Flutter that operates with beautiful form and cutting-edge function, running identically onAndroid and iOS, all without having to maintain two separate code bases. The backend of the application is stateless and built on open-source frameworks that are well-established and widely used in the industry. These frameworks allow us to scale resources on demand as needed. We also use a variety of industry-standard monitoring and deployment settings to ensure that everything is running smoothly.

About Bridgehead IT

Bridgehead IT is based out of San Antonio, TX and is one of the largest technology employers in the city. They employ over 100 individuals with specialties that span over dozens of technology sectors; many of whom retain certifications from industry leaders such as Microsoft, Cisco, HPE, and others. They area Microsoft Gold Partner, GSA Contract Holder, and a CMMC Registered Provider Organization. Bridgehead IT has deployed over 10,000 technology solutions in its 20+ years, including projects in all 50 states and over 18 countries.