What We Do


Bridgehead IT makes business leaders happy by simplifying their IT, helping increase profitability, and providing a stable and secure technology infrastructure that lets you sleep well at night. We do this by offering enterprise-level IT to businesses of all sizes.



Our team can manage as much of your IT as you would like. For many of our clients, we are their entire IT Department. For some, we simply act as a backup in the case of an emergency.

Whatever your IT needs, we have a team of specialized professionals who can help. You can trust us to manage the technology so you can focus on managing the business.


Bridgehead I.T. has spent the last 20 years building and shaping one of the most efficient service delivery process playbooks in the IT industry. The average in-house IT team runs at 40% efficiency due to constant interruptions, lack of adequate tools, and misaligned skill sets.

Aligning your in-house IT with our team and service delivery processes can double your in-house IT efficiency to 80% or better. Your company will have access to the best IT tools to deliver automation, monitoring, security, development, and cost control. 


With 24/7 help desk support and monitoring, you can trust that your IT infrastructure will be ready all day, every day. Increased up time will mean less time putting out fires and more time leveraging technology to drive your business forward.

Bridgehead IT also has a dedicated security team that is focused on preventing and responding to security threats or challenges. Our team is focused on proactive prevention and industry-specific compliance.


A large enterprise, like a fortune 500 company, has a daily need for a wide variety of technology experts. The scale of their operations dictates a need for multiple full time and specialized resources. They might have a networking team, a cloud architect team, a security team, a desktop support team, a business analyst team, and more.

Small to mid-size businesses also have a need for these experts, but not on a full-time basis. Bridgehead IT has the technical resources and tools that your organization needs and can give you access to those experts on an as-needed basis. Your organization can have access to the same tools and expert resources as a fortune 500 enterprise, but you only have to pay for those resources when you need them.


Are you an IT professional that is responsible for the help desk, special projects, the phone system, network security, working on the CEO's home network, and everything else?

Perhaps you are the CEO and are wondering why your I.T. costs are so high or are hearing people complain about IT support issues. Maybe you know your I.T. team is busy, but it is hard to pin down precisely what they are doing. Do you find it difficult to measure their productivity? Do you wonder how to incentivize them to do more?

Both perspectives are valid and stem from the unrealistic expectation that a single "IT Manager" can handle it all. Technology departments often struggle to complete projects, manage equipment life-cycles, and leverage technology to innovate. This isn't because of a lack of passion or skill, but simply because IT requires a vast array of skill sets similar to many other industries. For example, it would be unreasonable to expect one doctor to handle ALL your healthcare needs over a lifetime.

For 20 years Bridgehead IT has developed and implemented the resources and tools that can transform information technology. We have developed and continue to perfect the people, process, and technology to solve this dilemma


There is a wide variety of challenges and threats that face an organization's IT. Trying to keep up with the ongoing landscape of ever-changing security threats and the daunting and constantly moving regulatory requirements can be a head-spinning task. Bridgehead IT has a dedicated security team that understands your specific environment and the unique challenges it faces. We also have extensive experience in complying with key regulatory requirements that apply to a variety of industries.

  • 24/7 Monitoring and Support
  • Expert incident response team
  • Focused compliance experts

Bridgehead IT's team also works closely with your organization to document important data related to your software and technology infrastructure. This documentation insulates your organizations from the challenges of turnover or expert knowledge hoarding. Having this information documented increases the stability of your organizational technology, helping prepare for the unexpected.


  • CMMC
  • FOIA
  • GDPR
  • NIST
  • SOX
  • GLBA
  • And many more

More than an MSP

Bridgehead IT is not just another Managed Service Provider (MSP). We offer full-spectrum IT Service Management (ITSM) with a business-first approach. Bridgehead's ability to deliver enterprise-level IT comes from our large team of specialized experts (with over 70 professional technical resources) and our decades of experience in developing and implementing the right people, processes, and technology that make IT work.

Bridgehead IT is not just an IT vendor. For some clients, we are their entire IT Department, for others, we act as support to their internal teams, but all of our clients see us as a strategic business partner. We act as much more than an MSP in the way we approach your technology needs and we always collaborate in ways that help you leverage technology as a business growth driver.

It isn't just our approach, philosophy, and team of experts that set us apart. Our business model is designed to build trust and offer the flexibility that IT requires. We keep our clients by delivering results. Unlike most Managed Service Providers, Bridgehead IT requires no long term contract. We earn your business with every interaction. We understand that your I.T. needs fluctuate and we offer the flexibility that allows you to scale up (and down) as your business demands.

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