How We Can Help


Bridgehead IT offers customized, end-to-end technology services that support businesses of all sizes. We’re different because we take a holistic approach to the technology needs of our clients and empower our staff to become leaders in their fields.



Our team can manage as much of your IT as you would like. For many of our clients, we are their entire IT Department. For some, we simply act as a backup in the case of an emergency.

Whatever your IT needs, we have a team of specialized professionals who can help. You can trust us to manage the technology so you can focus on managing the business.


Bridgehead IT has spent the last 20 years building and shaping one of the most efficient service delivery process playbooks in the IT industry.

Aligning your in-house IT with our team and service delivery processes can double your in-house IT efficiency to 80% or better. Your company will have access to the best IT tools to deliver automation, monitoring, security, development, and cost control. 


With 24/7 help desk support and monitoring, you can trust that your IT infrastructure will be ready all day, every day. Increased up time will mean less time putting out fires and more time leveraging technology to drive your business forward.

You’re in good hands with Bridgehead IT.

Through our discovery process we will design and develop technology solutions that translate to business value. In clear terms, we’ll work with you to understand the pain points that affects your bottom-line.


Are you an IT professional that is responsible for the help desk, special projects, the phone system, network security, working on the CEO’s home network, and everything else?

Perhaps you are the CEO and are wondering why your I.T. costs are so high or are hearing people complain about IT support issues. Maybe you know your I.T. team is busy, but it is hard to pin down precisely what they are doing. Do you find it difficult to measure their productivity? Do you wonder how to incentivize them to do more?

Both perspectives are valid and stem from the unrealistic expectation that a single “IT Manager” can handle it all. Technology departments often struggle to complete projects, manage equipment life-cycles, and leverage technology to innovate. This isn’t because of a lack of passion or skill, but simply because IT requires a vast array of skill sets similar to many other industries. For example, it would be unreasonable to expect one doctor to handle ALL your healthcare needs over a lifetime.

For 20 years Bridgehead IT has developed and implemented the resources and tools that can transform information technology. We have developed and continue to perfect the people, process, and technology to solve this dilemma

Total Technology Solutions For Your Business

Our services are engineered to meet the specific objectives of each client. That starts with having the right people, who are experts in their field to develop solutions that support our clients. 

Thoughtful solutions, not quick fixes.