Microsoft PowerApps

Microsoft PowerApps can also be used to analyze and display data in a series of custom outputs, including visual charts and graphs, that make business information more digestible for the users that respond to the data.

What can PowerApps do? The sky is the limit!

Microsoft PowerApps is incredibly versatile and can be customized to fit any number of unlimited business needs. Here are just as few examples:


Managing a project or event to a budget can be a challenging task. PowerApps has the power to build a real-time budgeting and tracking application. With this app, each team member would be able to review project or event related expenses.


Companies that foster a culture of continuous improvement have a significant competitive edge. Some organizations are leveraging Microsoft PowerApps to drive innovative thinking with a dynamic application that allows team members to submit ideas. The app manages the submission process and then allows the ideas to be reviewed and voted on by everyone in the organization.


Imagine an employee expense report that allows for quick and easy expense tracking and creates an automated pathway for submission and approval. PowerApps can provide enterprise level expense tracking and automation to organizations of any size. Team members can input their expenses, capture images of the receipt, review expense history, and submit completed expense reports on their mobile phone. Workflows can then deliver expense report information where it can be approved, rejected, or additional information can be requested.These are just a few business use case examples. PowerApps can be customized to fit an endless list of business needs. Bridgehead I.T. can help your organization leverage PowerApps to streamline business functions and improve the way your organization processes and shares business information.