The Security Achilles Heel

As information and business processes become increasingly digital, the stakes in the battle for protecting valuable

personal and business data grow higher and higher. Phishing scams alone cost American Businesses over $500 Billion a

year. These types of attacks are only becoming more frequent.

The nightly news is riddled with stories of major organizations being exposed to data security breaches, but a recent

study by Verizon found that small businesses make up the majority of data breach victims.

Responding to a security incident or data breach is incredibly expensive, but the costs go beyond the initial dollars.

Businesses that suffer a significant security incident can experience damage to their business credit, adverse impacts to

their reputation, and can harm their long-term relationship with their client base.

Many organizations have responded by investing in technology to help mitigate their exposure. Technology investments

are a critical tool in protecting your organization, but many business leaders aren’t effectively addressing their most

significant point of vulnerability. Nearly 95% of all successful cyber-attacks gain access to business infrastructure as the

result of the ‘human element.’

Unsuspecting users can expose an organization to security risks with one click. No amount of technology can overcome

the human element. The only useful tool in mitigating the threat from human behavior is by creating a culture of

security awareness.

Creating a culture of security awareness is more than just providing once a year security training. Effectively creating a

culture of security awareness starts with a consistent pattern of education, assessment, and re-education. To be effective,

this pattern should be ongoing and provide a comprehensive training program that exposes team members to the full

range of security-related threats and provides continuous reinforcement and assessment.

Studies have shown that effective implementation of a security awareness program can help reduce risky behaviors by

70% or more.

Implementing a fully featured Security Awareness program isn’t only one of the most important steps an organization

can take to protect against adverse security events, it is also one of the most cost-effective. The cost per user is less than a

standard anti-virus license and investing a small amount in Security Awareness can significantly reduce an organizations

level of risk. Increasing awareness enough to prevent one security incident will save an organization up to ten times their

initial investment. 

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