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Best Practices for Endpoint Detection and Response

Endpoint detection and response or EDR uses a central data repository to analyze endpoint vulnerabilities and respond to threats. It focuses on securing endpoints, and this protects all other network users.

Incident Response Managed Services

How to Craft an Effective Computer Security Incident Response Plan

The pandemic has caused many businesses to switch to remote working. This has sped up our reliance on the cloud and similar solutions. While these are great options, we do need to be aware of the higher security risks. Data breaches in 2020 cost an average of $3.86 million. That doesn’t include the reputational cost if […]

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The Key Phases Your Incident Response Plan Must Cover

Experts predict that cybercrime will inflict $6 trillion in damage this year. While there is no way to completely prevent cybercrime from occurring, a good incident response plan can control and minimize the effects of cyberattacks on companies and their clients.