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Your Best Home Office for Remote Work

Posted: Feb 2022

Setting Up A Perfect Home Office – It’s Still A Thing.

As you might expect, working from home is more than just a trend because employers and workers alike find that it strikes a better work-life balance than a traditional office setting. After all, you can log into Salesforce and Hubspot anywhere, provided you have the proper security protections in place.

Once created out of necessity, remote work is something you should embrace for the long term, but we understand that working from home might be new to some of our readers. So, to show you a few tips from the pros, we put together the best ways to refresh your home office and maximize productivity.

Find Comfortable Seating

The most underrated way to make yourself more efficient in your home office is to make your seating more comfortable. The trick to improving seating is to find an office chair that coincides with the height of your desk, so your arms will rest at a “neutral” position while you’re online. Otherwise, if you don’t keep your arms comfortable, you may start to develop shoulder, back, or wrist pains due to poor posture over time. The good news is that it’s pretty easy to find an adjustable office chair if your desk happens to be a little taller or shorter than usual.

Need some recommendations? Here are our best picks for comfortable office chairs:

• Steelcase Leap Chair

• Mirra by Herman Miller

• Aeron by Herman Miller

• Sidiz T50 Air

• Fern by Haworth

Keep Your Home Office Strictly For Work

A great start is to convert a spare room into a home office if you have an extra room. The difficult part is keeping that space separate and functional. Many of us start with a spacious, organized home office, but after a few weeks, it can become cluttered.

An easy win is to claim your workspace and make sure it’s free of any distracting items that don’t go in an office (i.e., toddler toys, vacuums, spare TVs, etc.). Some people find that mimicking their former work environment is an excellent way to maintain a remote environment. Still, eventually, you’ll discover new ways to be more efficient once you form a daily routine, free of distractions.

The Takeaway

Creating a home office that helps you embrace a mood that supports productivity is worth the investment. Build a space that reflects the comfort and style of your home.

Selection of a location and furniture that inspires you to perform at your best.

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Give yourself a view.

Whether it’s a look out a window or great artwork, visually interesting office spaces offer a break from the computer screen.

Function Over Form.

Use furniture and accessories that complement the space but also serve optimal productivity.

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