What is Identity as a Service?


Businesses are increasingly faced with the need to move to the cloud because many factors including cost, features and vendor requirements. Yet data security is continually cited as a major concern with the potential to prevent them from moving to the cloud. Still Software vendors therefore have continued to transition functions, features and data into the cloud. This has contributed to the widespread use of cloud based mobile and desktop applications.

It is out of this transition that identity management as a service has emerged. Identity as a service is an authentication infrastructure that is kept in the cloud and offers all the benefits of the cloud. The most common among these benefits are: easier management, reduced on-site infrastructure and a broader range of options for integration.

Identity as a Service (IDaaS) is typically built, hosted and managed by third-party service providers. This authentication infrastructure (IDaaS) can be thought of as single sign-on.

The service provides a set of access management and identity functions to target systems on various customers’ premises as well as in the cloud. IDaaS functionality typically includes the following:

  • ACCESS This comprises single sign-on (SSO), user authentication and authorization enforcement.
  • IDENTITY GOVERNANCE AND ADMINISTRATION, OR IGA. This is comprised of the ability to provide the individual identities of the service to various target applications.
  • INTELLIGENCE. This is comprised of logging events. Provides reporting that can answer questions like the identity of those who accessed particular services and the respective time when they were accessed.

An enterprise Identity as a Service (IDaaS) is typically bought as a managed subscription-based service. The respective cloud-based service provider may host various applications for a fee, then provide subscribers with access based on their roles to specific applications. They can also provide such access through a secure portal to whole virtualized desktops.

With all the security concerns regarding IDaaS, it is important to obtain the service from a reliable provider. OneLogin provides an IDaaS solution that comprehensively addresses all the above functions, and ties the SaaS and mobile management to Active Directory via an identity bridge. They guarantee security of customer data by conducting regular background checks on their systems. With the OneLogin IDaaS, you are assured of easy data discovery, full operational controls, advanced access to customer data and secure management of cloud based credentials.