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Wes Bunch discusses Cyber Security
Wes Bunch, Bridgehead IT CEO, discusses Cyber Security with KTSA’s Trey Ware
Wes Bunch, Bridgehead IT CEO, discusses the Colonial Pipeline ransomware and cyber-security with KTSA’s Trey Ware
Man working at desktop computer
Is it Time to Replace my Workstation?
Managing costs in IT requires a long-term perspective. Organizations must evaluate not only the sticker price of technological investments, but the true cost of ownership associated with those investments.
Microsoft Endpoint Detection and Response
The Value of Microsoft Defender for Endpoint
Microsoft Defender for Endpoint has a key role to play in endpoint detection and response. Let’s take a closer look at why.
Microsoft Teams: Voice, Scheduling, and Other Great Features You Should Be Using
Recent improvements to Microsoft Teams made its cybersecurity capabilities level up. It features two-factor authentication and data encryption while at rest and in transit.
The Key Phases Your Incident Response Plan Must Cover
Experts predict that cybercrime will inflict $6 trillion in damage this year. While there is no way to completely prevent cybercrime from occurring, a good incident response plan can control and minimize the effects of cyberattacks on companies and their clients.
Tips for Your Next Risk Assessment Based on NIST 800-30
Because you should run a NIST SP 800-30 risk assessment for your entire business, you may need time for the test. You don’t have to test each area at the same time, and it can take a few days to cover each department.
Gears working together
5 Problems Business Process Automation Can Solve
As businesses grow, they need to rely more on systems and technology as mission-critical components of their infrastructure. But along with powerful systems comes the need to manage them. This is where Business Process Automation (BPA) can help.
Why Do Cloud Costs Get Out of Control?
Why Do Cloud Costs Get Out of Control?
Cloud computing has brought about an acceleration in almost every sector. With this acceleration has come a surge of cloud costs. But these costs don’t come from adopting the cloud itself as it can actually be used to bring down costs.
What Is Edge Computing?
Cloud computing was a major revolution that helped handle our hunger for data, but even it can’t handle numbers this large. Edge computing is the newest technology promising to fill the holes.
Are Macs good for Business?
At Bridgehead IT we understand the appeal of Mac computers and realize that, in some cases, A Mac may be the best option.
Microsoft Teams
Teamwork & Collaboration: 9 Advantages of Using Microsoft Teams
Microsoft Teams is a collaboration platform that’s chat-based. It comes with secure document sharing, online meeting suites, and much more. It’s a handy tool for keeping business communications going via online working.
4 Common IT Support Misconceptions
4 Common IT Support Misconceptions
IT support is becoming more necessary for businesses across the globe as remote working gains popularity. But IT support might not always mean what you thought.
How to Create an Expert Technology Plan
How to Create an Expert Technology Plan
From security threats to lackluster results, it can be difficult to make tech decisions without a plan. Additionally, without a plan, you will find that your employees are not on the same page as your executives. Avoid these continual issues by creating a strategic technology plan for your business today.
10 Important Things to Know Before Starting with PowerApps
10 Important Things to Know Before Starting with PowerApps
PowerApps is the latest in Microsoft’s application offerings for the modern digital business world…
Top 3 Problems Remote Workers are Facing
The Top 3 Problems Remote Workers are facing. 2020 has been full of surprises. Many companies have sent their entire workforce to work from home. This has created some common challenges.
Remote Worker Illustration
Top 3 Problems Remote Workers are Facing
2020 has been full of surprises. Many companies have sent their entire workforce to work from home. Entire organizations relying on a work-from-home setup is a significant shift in business operations.
What is PowerApps and How Can I Use it
What Is PowerApps and How Can I Use It?
PowerApps is another release from the Microsoft Corporation, adding to their long list of computer software that we love to use. From Excel to Azure, Microsoft has really paved the way for computing and every release stirs up plenty of excitement. So, it’s no surprise that when PowerApps was released it caught a lot of people’s attention, including ours. But what is PowerApps, why should you be interested, and how can you use it?
The Best 25 Features of Microsoft Teams in 2020
The Best 25 Features of Microsoft Teams in 2020
Studies show that Microsoft Teams now has more than 75 million active users on its platform. Have you thought about using Microsoft Teams for your business? Are you aware of all of its features? What questions do you have about getting started? There are several components of Microsoft Teams that can help your business grow, communicate, and […]
12 Benefits of Outsourced IT for Growing Businesses
12 Benefits of Outsourced IT for Growing BusinessesThere are 2 major events happening in the business world. The first is more businesses are relying on computer technology to keep their businesses running smoothly. The second is this technology is becoming more complex than ever before. What does this mean for businesses? It’s harder for them […]
Business Requirements vs. Functional Requirements A Simple Guide
Business Requirements vs. Functional Requirements: A Simple Guide
Many people aren’t sure whether the difference represents an instance of splitting hairs. Well, we should say right away that lines are somewhat blurred.There are many points of overlap between business and functional requirements. They pertain to the same projects and involve common goals.
Patch Panel Installation 11 Key Steps to Installing a Network Patch Panel and Switch
Patch Panel Installation: 11 Key Steps to Installing a Network Patch Panel and Switch
As businesses upscale, their technology needs change. A single entrepreneur with a laptop may have started the business. However, before long the business requires office space and a network to meet production demands.
Straight Through vs Crossover Cables What is the Difference
Straight-Through vs. Crossover Cables: What’s the Difference?
Comparing straight-through vs. crossover cables is fairly simple when you take the basics of the two. We’d like to break down these differences more granularly so that anyone can understand why these two cables need to be used in separate situations.
Microsoft 365 Business Voice
Microsoft 365 Business Voice is an enterprise-level communication system designed for small to mid-size businesses. Microsoft 365 Business voice blends voice calls, teleconferencing, and messaging functionalities in one app. Microsoft 365 Business Voice leverages Microsoft Teams, streamlines communication, and reduces costs with the flexibility your business demands.

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