The Age of Hybrid Intelligence

Artificial intelligence (AI), is shifting the way we think about IT infrastructure. Understanding how the intelligence

revolution is changing the way we think about IT is critical in ensuring your company has a right-sized approach that

finds the perfect balance in performance, function, and cost.

To fully understand the benefits of intelligence-driven IT infrastructure, let’s take a few moments to see where we came

from and how it led here.


In the age of on-premise, there were provisioning barriers related to purchasing physical equipment. This on-premise

solution was able to offer a robust IT infrastructure, but it lacked the agility the modern business environment demands.

Expanding or upgrading on-premise infrastructure is a slow process, and previous hardware decisions could limit future

expansion or upgrade choices.


The technology landscape began a dramatic shift with the emergence of cloud. Cloud technology opened the door to unprecedented agility and scalability. Computing workloads and data storage were no longer limited to physical equipment with restrictive capacity and compatibility. Businesses have access to instant and unlimited workload and data management options. Shifting to the cloud provides a level of real-time workload management and data storage access that was never possible before. A variety of subscription-based, remotely managed services are available with the click of a mouse.

This versatility is convenient, but because it can be so simple, it has created challenges related to controlling costs. Many organizations get caught up in a ‘just throw it in the cloud’ mindset. These costs are not always transparent and can often lead to overprovisioning. In fact, according to a study conducted by, up to 35% of IT project expenditures are wasted due to over-provisioning and poor planning.


Optimizing IT infrastructure in a way that maximizes the benefits of both on-premise and cloud solutions has always

been a challenge, but the growth in computing intelligence is changing the game as it relates to the design,

implementation, and optimization of IT infrastructure. An intelligence-driven hybrid on-premise and cloud infrastructure

can give organizations a significant competitive advantage.

A hybrid infrastructure management plan can pair intelligent data analytics and business operational objectives to

determine the optimal allocation of resources. Bridgehead’s army of experts work to balance the business need and

technological need and ensure computing workloads are designed and provisioned in a way that maximizes the

performance and business value while also managing costs.


Executing and managing a capable hybrid infrastructure requires a wide variety of in-depth, expert-level skill sets.

Effectively managing an intelligent hybrid infrastructure in-house isn’t feasible for most small to mid-size businesses. The

need for a subject matter expert is intermittent, and the cost of maintaining a staff of IT specialists can be cost-

prohibitive. This is where Bridgehead can help. Bridgehead can provide a team of experts available on an as-needed

basis, allowing small to mid-size businesses access to enterprise-level IT in a manner that doesn’t break the bank

. Call Bridgehead IT today at 210-477-7900 to learn more about how you can leverage your IT department to drive business growth.

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