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Hacker vs Threat Actor

Confused by “Hacker” vs. “Threat Actor”? This guide breaks it down! Not all hackers are bad, but all threat actors are hackers with malicious intent. Learn the motivations, methods, and different types of threat actors (cybercriminals, hacktivists, APTs) to stay safe online. Click to understand the ever-evolving cybersecurity landscape!

(CTEM) Continuous Threat Environment Management: Protecting Your Business with Bridgehead IT

What is CTEM? Continuous Threat Environment Management (CTEM) is a proactive security strategy that involves the constant monitoring and analysis of your organization’s IT infrastructure to identify and mitigate threats with a risk-based approach. Bridgehead IT is an enterprise-level IT firm that can help you implement and leverage CTEM to stay ahead of attackers and […]

FBI Warns of Hackers Targeting US Infrastructure

Summary   The FBI announced this week that there is likely going to be an increase in cyber-attacks against critical infrastructure by state-backed APTs (Advanced Persistent Threats). This includes utilities, oil pipelines, and other critical industries key to economic functions in the United States. The particular campaign warned about recently has the underlying goal of undermining […]

Major Telecom Outage Highlights Need For Robust Development Practices

Bridgehead IT: Your Trusted Partner for Secure and Efficient Development  Imagine launching a brand-new app or deploying a critical software patch, only to have it crash for everyone. This recent scenario underscores the importance of robust development practices.  “The outage, attributed to a coding error, highlights the need for better practices in software development and […]