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FTC Safeguards Rule: A Guide for Businesses

Confused by the FTC Safeguards Rule? Don’t be! This guide explains how the rule protects customer data and what “reasonable security” means for your business. Learn how to assess risks, develop a data security program, and stay compliant.

Building a Digital Fortress: Essential Cyber Hygiene Practices

Just like personal hygiene keeps us healthy, cyber hygiene is essential for safeguarding our digital lives. In today’s interconnected world, where we constantly access information and conduct business online, strong cyber hygiene practices are more important than ever. Here are some of the key practices that Bridgehead IT advises individuals and organizations can adopt to build a robust defense against evolving cyber threats.

Continuous Threat Environment Management (CTEM): Protecting Your Business with Bridgehead IT

What is CTEM? Continuous Threat Environment Management (CTEM) is a proactive security strategy that involves the constant monitoring and analysis of your organization’s IT infrastructure to identify and mitigate threats with a risk-based approach. Bridgehead IT is an enterprise-level IT firm that can help you implement and leverage CTEM to stay ahead of attackers and […]

FBI Warns of Hackers Targeting US Infrastructure

Summary   The FBI announced this week that there is likely going to be an increase in cyber-attacks against critical infrastructure by state-backed APTs (Advanced Persistent Threats). This includes utilities, oil pipelines, and other critical industries key to economic functions in the United States. The particular campaign warned about recently has the underlying goal of undermining […]

The Silent Siege: Protecting Against Token Theft and BEC Attacks

@ Symble On Hook Over A Grid Monitor

Have MFA and think you’re safe? Think again. Cybersecurity threats evolve as quickly as technology itself, and two alarming trends have recently risen to the top of the threat landscape: token theft and Business Email Compromise (BEC). These attacks exploit our reliance on digital tokens and email communication, posing a significant risk to businesses and […]

Why Microsoft SASE is a Game-Changer

In today’s hyperconnected world, businesses face a critical security challenge: protecting sensitive data and applications while empowering employees with seamless access to cloud resources, regardless of their location or device. Traditional security solutions often siloed and latency-ridden, struggle to keep pace with this dynamic landscape. This is where Microsoft SASE Security Access Service Edge stands […]