Structured Cabling

A high-performance network requires focused cabling design and cable management. From the strategic planning of cable pathways and cable management to the installation of the state-of-the-art cabling products from the world’s most respected cable manufacturers, Bridgehead IT can help from start to finish. Our expert cable technicians create future-ready solutions that are both scalable and manageable. By following cable management best practices, our solutions can help extend the life of cabling infrastructure and maximize your ability to adapt to ever-changing technology opportunities.  


The quality of the cables chosen, and installation testing procedures can make a significant impact on your technology infrastructure. Networks carry large amounts of information at incredible speeds, and without the proper cable quality and testing procedures, issues can arise. 

Bridgehead I.T.’s expert cable technicians and installers adhere to the quality and testing standards set by The Institute of Electrical and Electronics Engineers, the American National Standards Institute, and the Telecommunications Industry Association / Electronic Industry Alliance (TIA/EIA).


From multimode to single-mode fiber, Bridgehead IT plans, installs, tests, and terminates fiber optic cabling. Our cabling experts have experience with both indoor and outside plant fiber. 

Bridgehead IT has extensive experience with both basic types of fiber – single mode and multi-mode. Single mode normally used for long-distance requirements and high bandwidth applications. Multi-mode is usually used inside buildings or office space.


Voice over Internet Protocol (VoIP) has added a layer of options and complexity to voice cabling solutions. Our cabling experts can help your organization navigate growing Voice over Internet Protocol (VoIP) options and challenges. 

Bridgehead I.T. can help with any wiring needs, including traditional wiring applications and wiring for future needs. Whatever your need, Bridgehead IT will ensure you have the options you need when installing your combination of phones, modems, and analog lines.


Our camera solution experts can help design and install surveillance camera systems for buildings of any size. From small private offices to large industrial plants, Bridgehead IT can offer a wide range of commercial and industrial camera system implementation services. 

The process begins with a brief consultation to identify and understand your surveillance goals. Whether you are looking to improve safety, help mitigate liability risk, keep eyes on potentially hazardous areas, or need to focus on specific zones or work areas, Bridgehead I.T. can help engineer a solution to solve any surveillance problem.