Introducing IT Shield

Support for those who know support.

“Give your IT team the resources they need to be happy, healthy, and efficient and they will stick around for a long time”

-Wes Bunch, CEO, Bridgehead IT

The state of in-house IT

Demand on in-house IT teams has never been higher. Good IT teams work hard and are often overworked and under-resourced. The constant demands of managing IT makes it hard for your IT experts to find a healthy work-life balance and is one of the primary drivers of IT turnover.

Bridgehead IT’s ‘IT SHIELD’ is like an insurance policy that makes sure your company’s IT team is happy, healthy, and efficient.

IT Help Desk Provider

Technology never sleeps

Bridgehead IT’s IT Shield helps organizations to keep moving through IT vacations, sick days, turnover – or even when your IT team is just slammed.

With IT SHIELD you can think of Bridgehead IT as your IT team’s backup. We are ready to jump in and help anytime, 24/7. Your technology never sleeps, and your need for IT support doesn’t either.

IT as a competitive advantage

Few organizations have leveraged IT to its full potential. Tapping into Bridgehead IT’s team of experts gives your internal IT team the time and resources they need to focus on the big picture. Isn’t it time you transform your business IT from a ‘necessary expense’ into a business driving department that gives you a clear competitive edge in the marketplace? Bridgehead IT’s IT SHIELD can help you do just that.

Expert Consulting

Experts on demand

Bridgehead has over 70 expert technical resources, each dedicated to continually growing and improving their specialty expertise. From endpoint technicians to software developers to a dedicated team of security experts, Bridgehead has the experts your team needs to overcome the biggest IT challenges.

These experts are available, on demand, to help with anything the world might throw at your IT team.

Shared Tools and Processes

Working with Bridgehead IT means your in-house IT team has access to the tools and processes we have invested millions in procuring and developing over the past 20+ years. This can improve their efficiency and allow them to achieve more results in less time.


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  • Keep IT rolling through vacations, sick days, and turnover
  • Experts on demand
  • Shared tools and processes
  • No long term contracts

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