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IT Services. What Is The Cost Of Hiring In-House Vs. Outsourcing?

Posted: Dec 2021
As a business owner, it’s important to have a solid IT support team backing you up.

On the surface the cost of outsourcing your technology needs versus retaining IT support staff seems like an easy choice. Traditionally, many organizations are accustomed to working using this model. However, as the technological landscape has evolved and grown there are factors to consider when weighing the option of outsourcing your technology needs.

The Cost Of In-House IT Support

Hidden Costs Of IT Support

Hiring and retaining talent.

According to Payscale, the median income for an entry-level in-house technology position is between $32,000 and $65,000. Additionally, benefits businesses typically provide employees include, health insurance totaling approximately $13,000 yearly. This does not include training or other employee-related expenses.

Lapses in projects or services.

Your technology team will need time off, such as Paid Time Off (PTO) or vacation. Lapses in service or project deadlines due to employee time off will affect productivity and completion dates.

Technology management and hardware maintenance. Monthly costs can range from $500-$18,000 for software licensing and equipment maintenance. The accurate provisioning of software and hardware solutions for your business prevents wasted spending.

Security breaches, loss of service, and other emergencies.

Unforeseen costs of ransomware, malware, or broken hardware have the potential to bring your business to a halt. After-hours emergencies can cause significant downtime and an expensive remediation process. On-staff technology teams might not be prepared to handle an event of this magnitude. Often outside vendors are brought into these situations. If it is a critical issue, you’re looking at premium pricing.

Training, staying up to date on trends, and awareness of new technology solutions.

User application training costs depend on your industry, software type, and company size. However, the average cost of training per employee is roughly $1,100. This does not include the cost of certifications like AWS, Microsoft, CCT, and others. Moreover, technology personnel will face challenges when striving to keep abreast of the ever-changing technological field while shouldering a full-time workload.

On the surface, funneling everything through an in-house technology team seems like the more cost-effective option. However, considering the aforementioned factors, your organization could be paying more for in-house technology staffing versus supplementing part or all the technology needs through an enterprise-level technology firm.

Enterprise-Level IT Support

The up-front cost of enterprise-level IT services, like those offered by Bridgehead IT, can appear to exceed personnel costs. However, when you partner with Bridgehead, you have access to an army of experts to support your business.

An overview of sample costs:

80 hours of IT specialist services at $80 per hour =$6,400

20 hours of team support service at $149 per hour = $2,980

15 of certified specialist service at $125 per hour = $1,875

Total annual labor costs = $11,255

Compare this to your annual personnel and technology budget spending.

Thoughtful Solutions, Not Quick Fixes

Bridgehead IT conducts a thorough on-site technology assessment to determine the needs of each business. Customized solutions are then provided with upfront, predictable month-to-month pricing – no contracts. Thoughtful solutions through understanding your business model mean we are focused on building a partnership. Based on needs or financials, services can be scaled up or down.

An Army of Experts

Through enterprise-level IT support, your business will enjoy complete technology management. Our team of certified experts spans from cyber security to application development, and everything in between. There is no need to pay for training or education because we’re at the forefront of leading-edge tools. Additionally, we’re here to help implement and walk clients through new solutions.

On-Call Service 24 Hours A Day

Achieve the peace of mind you need, knowing that our 24/7 operations are available to your organization. Whether it’s ransomware negotiations, acquiring bulk hardware, or maintaining software licensing, we provide meaningful solutions, not quick fixes.

Dedicated Specialists

When you call Bridgehead IT, you’ll be talking to a real person who is committed to helping you. No need to struggle with an issue, we will assist with training, education, and solutions for your technology needs.

What do enterprise-level technology services cost your business?

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Our certified experts provide cloud solutions like Office 365 platform, Power Business Intelligence, and comprehensive security services specific to the needs of your business.

All your IT needs at one predictable cost, with no contracts.

On the surface funneling everything through an in-house technology team seems like the more cost-effective option. Seems like an easy win to break ties with a vendor and do everything yourself.

Does that factor in all aspects of your technology spending?

The average cost of a full-time Network Administrator in San Antonio is $70,000 annually. That’s $5,800 a month plus benefits, training, and other employee-related expenses.

To compare salaries and job specialties in your area visit Robert Half Salary Calculator.

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