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Best (Free) Photo Editing and Microsoft Office Software Alternatives – For Personal Use

Posted: Oct 2022
The Cost of Subscriptions Can Sneak Up On You.

Consumers are spending more than ever on subscription services. On average, these monthly subscription services cost users between $200-300, for an average annual spend of $4,800. There is a subscription model for everything from food delivery to music and various software editing tools. So how can you reduce your monthly subscriptions?

It might be time to take a step back and examine what you’re using, particularly on software and other tech tools. You can lower your spending on personal-use programs by taking advantage of free software alternatives for big-price items, like Photoshop or Microsoft Office.

Here Are Our Picks For Free Software Tools, For Personal Use.

To be clear, these are not a substitutes for business uses. However for a students or those on a budget, these are considerations to reduce your monthly spend.

LibreOffice (successor to OpenOffice) – Open source productivity suite of tools as a free alternative to Microsoft Office. This collective of programs includes a word processor, spreadsheet and presentation software, and offers the option to export your files in PDF format amongst others.

FreeOffice – This software has a familiar interface that resembles Microsoft Office. Compatible across Windows, Mac, and Linux it also allows users to view and save files in formats like docx, xlsx, and ppt.

Inkscape – An alternative to Adobe’s Illustrator, this open-source vector graphic editor allows users a free illustration option. Additionally, it offers basic editing capabilities for bitmap files like photo retouching.

GNU Image Manipulation Program (GIMP) – An alternative to Adobe’s Creative Suite, this free and open-source, cross-platform image editor is available across Mac, Windows, and Linux. GIMP offers everything from high quality photo manipulation, original artwork creations, and graphic design elements. Their color management features can be used cross-platform workflows with other free software such as the aforementioned Inkscape, Scribus, and SwatchBooker.

Scribus – Functioning similar to Adobe’s InDesign, Scribus is a desktop publishing tool used for layout design. This can be anything from brochures, e-books, and newspapers to typesetting and pagination.

A large selection of videos online offers tutorials on these programs. Before downloading any free software, be sure to conduct your research. It is especially relevant to examine reviews and technology publications as security issues are a real risk for new programs.

With these free tools, you likely will not get the level of support you enjoy with paid options. This is why we avoid free options for business use; however, as a student, teacher, or just anyone looking to save money on their monthly subscriptions.

Are there any tools we missed? Do you have recommendations for others? Email us at [email protected]

The average consumer spends over $200 per month on subscription services.

And 42% said they have forgotten they were still being charged for a subscription they no longer use.

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