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Custom Application Solutions For Cost Optimization

Posted: Dec 2021

The Client

A multi-million-dollar, global manufacturing company. With 30 locations worldwide. Their proprietary product is produced using a complex array of machinery and software systems.

The Challenge

A global manufacturer and Bridgehead IT client of 14 years needed to reduce product waste on its proprietary product. In 2018, the client spent $7MM on raw materials. Of that, $2.45MM was attributed to a loss through manufacturing processes. The system was time-consuming and prone to human error.

In 2019, Wes Bunch, CEO of Bridgehead IT was conducting a routine on-site visit at one of the clients’ locations. “I noticed product waste run-off accumulated in a large expanse of the manufacturing site. It was unrelated to my reason for being there, cabling and technology budget analysis, but out of curiosity I mentioned it to one of the leadership team,” Bunch recalls. “At Bridgehead we’re more than a vendor. We take a keen interest in the profitability of every aspect of an organization. It is through insights gleaned from truly understanding a company that we can pinpoint areas of improvement.

It was discovered that the machinery and production software systems lacked the software infrastructure to communicate precise measurements. Their on-site team of developers had been working to streamline internal systems that produced their raw material.

The Solution

Bridgehead IT Program engineers conducted a complete assessment and collaborated with on-staff developers to identify a custom technology solution. Bridgehead IT then created and implemented a custom-developed software application to produce an interconnected material manufacturing system.

The Results

After the implementation of the newly integrated production system, the client’s proprietary material waste was reduced by 35%. Additionally, it eased the workload of the production team and reduced their margin of error.

The Technology

Our custom application development process starts with a discovery meeting. This step-by-step guided process gathers application requirements through a series of brainstorming, discussions, and interviews. Team collaboration leads to the next phase. During that segment, all potential application requirements are filtered into a requirements specification that is in precise alignment with business needs and desired results. Bridgehead IT’s in-depth knowledge of application design and development including user interface [UX/UI design], workflows, databases, frameworks, and system architecture to deliver a complete solution.

About Bridgehead IT

Bridgehead IT is based out of San Antonio, TX, and is one of the largest technology employers in the city. They employ nearly 100 individuals with specialties that span over a dozen sectors of the technology industry; many of whom retain certifications from industry leaders such as Microsoft, Cisco, HPE, and others. Bridgehead IT is locally owned and operated and is a Microsoft Gold Partner, GSA Contract Holder, and a CMMC Registered Provider Organization.

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