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12 Benefits of Outsourced IT for Growing Businesses

12 Benefits of Outsourced IT for Growing Businesses There are 2 major events happening in the business world. The first is more businesses are relying on computer technology to keep their businesses running smoothly. The second is this technology is becoming more complex than ever before. What does this mean for businesses? It’s harder for […]

Business Requirements vs. Functional Requirements: A Simple Guide

Business Requirements vs. Functional Requirements A Simple Guide

Many people aren’t sure whether the difference represents an instance of splitting hairs. Well, we should say right away that lines are somewhat blurred.There are many points of overlap between business and functional requirements. They pertain to the same projects and involve common goals.

The Top 10 Beneficial Reasons to Start a Career in Consulting

Business people negotiating a contract, they are pointing on a document and discussing together

Choosing the right career for you is not always the easiest decision. You need to look at your skills, your passions, and evaluate what you will succeed at and whether you will enjoy it or not. Have you ever thought about a career in consulting? A consultant is a professional who provides advice to others. They […]