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Is it Time to Replace my Workstation?

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Managing costs in IT requires a long-term perspective. Organizations must evaluate not only the sticker price of technological investments, but the true cost of ownership associated with those investments.

The Key Phases Your Incident Response Plan Must Cover

Experts predict that cybercrime will inflict $6 trillion in damage this year. While there is no way to completely prevent cybercrime from occurring, a good incident response plan can control and minimize the effects of cyberattacks on companies and their clients.

9 Problems Business Process Automation Can Solve

A growing number of industry-leading companies are turning to business process automation (BPA) to optimize workflows. Technology yields many benefits—especially for businesses. Today, it’s the foundation of most business infrastructures. However, business infrastructures continue to expand. It seems like every year innovators create remarkable advances that help businesses to grow. In relatively recent years, business […]

5 Problems Business Process Automation Can Solve

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As businesses grow, they need to rely more on systems and technology as mission-critical components of their infrastructure. But along with powerful systems comes the need to manage them. This is where Business Process Automation (BPA) can help.

Why Do Cloud Costs Get Out of Control?

Why Do Cloud Costs Get Out of Control?

Cloud computing has brought about an acceleration in almost every sector. With this acceleration has come a surge of cloud costs. But these costs don’t come from adopting the cloud itself as it can actually be used to bring down costs.

What Is Edge Computing?

Cloud computing was a major revolution that helped handle our hunger for data, but even it can’t handle numbers this large. Edge computing services are the newest technology promising to fill the holes.

Are Macs good for Business?

At Bridgehead IT we understand the appeal of Mac computers and realize that, in some cases, A Mac may be the best option.

The Surprising Pros and Cons of Outsourced IT Support

The Surprising Pros and Cons of Outsourced IT Support

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How to Create an Expert Technology Plan

How to Create an Expert Technology Plan

From security threats to lackluster results, it can be difficult to make tech decisions without a plan. Additionally, without a plan, you will find that your employees are not on the same page as your executives. Avoid these continual issues by creating a strategic technology plan for your business today.