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Bridgehead IT Earns First Five-Star Clutch Review

Posted: Jan 2022

Building client relationships matter.

Bridgehead IT is a premier partner with Microsoft, HPE, Cisco, SonicWall, and VMWare as well as a holder of multiple IT certifications. All of this is proof of the skills that we gear towards helping our clients get the most out of their business operations through developing bespoke IT solutions.

Businesses don’t make decisions on which vendors are the best based on licenses and certifications alone. They need another human being to tell them how great it is to have us in their corner. This is why we’re very happy to earn our very first five-star review on Clutch.

Clutch is a unique player in the B2B review space because they have a verification process that ensures their reviews are always from real people and real companies. Reviews aren’t a unique or innovative tool by any means, but they have been admittedly plagued with problems like review bombers and artificial boosters.

This process aims to solve both of those problems and that’s their selling point. This is why we decided to create a profile on the platform and see how well it works out for us. The system has proven popular enough that other platforms have used these reviews for their means.

For example, The Manifest – a business listing site – uses reviews as variables for their 2021 research on industry top performers. With the experience and skills we already have at our disposal, it’s only a matter of time before Bridgehead IT will be topping those lists. The fact that our first-ever review has a five-star rating is a good omen for us and that we might be achieving that milestone sooner rather than later.

Our team has always seen the value in reviews as a powerful marketing and trust tool. Surveys have repeatedly proven the power of free and organic opinions on the success of a business. This is why we’ve always encouraged our clients to open their businesses to feedback as the upside is always greater than the risk. Now we’ll be reaping those same benefits moving forward.

If you’ve always wanted to understand your company’s technology position better, our army of experts offer the specialized knowledge to help you succeed. Industry leaders already know what our skills are worth, now it’s your turn.

Contact us today to discuss how our end-to-end custom technology solutions can elevate your business’s bottom line in 2022 and beyond.

“Transparent and accountable service and they are co-owners of the product in terms of their urgency in solving problems and dedication to a quality product. The product speaks for itself in the quality of the deliverable…

I would change nothing today on how we work together to deliver this amazing product for healthcare consumers.”

— Tim Kaufeldt,

COO, LASO Health Inc.

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