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Are Macs good for Business?

Posted: Oct 2020

As the iPhone and iPad dominate the handheld and tablet markets, the popularity of the Apple brand has soared, bringing an increasing number of users to Mac products. With the Apple products infiltrating nearly every aspect of our daily lives, Mac Vs. PC continues to be an ongoing debate between computer enthusiasts and end-users alike. At Bridgehead IT we understand the appeal of Mac computers and realize that, in some cases, A Mac may be the best option.

We use Macs!

While, in most cases, we recommend businesses deploy Windows-based PCs, there are specific uses where a Mac makes sense. Certain job types and software requirements run better on a Mac. In fact, many of the members of Bridgehead IT’s development team use a Mac as their primary work device as they have found it just works better with the software development tools they use every day.

Many of our Clients use Macs

We have a very diverse range of clients, from small teams of ten or fewer to teams with thousands of users. We also have clients from dozens of different industries. Many of these clients use Macs for a variety of business tasks, including:

  • designing
  • editing
  • rendering
  • creative work

Do IT Professionals Prefer to Deploy Windows PCs?

From an IT management perspective there are some disadvantages to deploying a Mac in a business setting. While none of these challenges are insurmountable, they do create additional challenges in maintaining business IT. These challenges stem from fewer hardware options, higher initial costs, and a lack of integrated tools for device security and management on an organization-wide scale.

Macs do offer a more reasonable range of hardware choices today than they did in the past, there is still the fact that there is only one source for Mac computer products: Apple. Since Windows PCs and components are manufactured and sold by a wide variety of providers, there is a much more extensive range of options and flexibility in building a machine that meets your needs. Windows’ flexibility gives you many more options in configuring the components you need while also providing more accessible opportunities for upgrading a device in the future. The wide range of Windows-based manufacturers also provides competition that drives costs down.

Apple products are just as reliable and effective as any high-end Windows based PC, but they do have some added benefits in having a easy-to-use GUI design that is intuitive, having fewer malware and security threats built specifically for the iOS platform, and impressive modern designs. These benefits are nice, but they don’t come without a price. Mac computers can carry a significant cost difference between a similar featured Windows PC. In some cases this cost can be offset over the lifecycle of the machine, but the up-front cost can be as much as twice that of a custom Windows PC.

Another reason some IT departments might be hesitant to implement Macs is a lack of integrated tools that IT departments use for device security and management. Third party tools are often available to fill in the gap, but these require additional costs and time to manage.

While there are some IT management challenges related to implementing Mac computers in a business environment, Bridgehead IT has the experience in overcoming these challenges. There are some situations where the benefits of using a Mac may outweigh the challenges.

When Does it Make sense to use a Mac for Business?

Mac computers are beautifully designed, have a very user-friendly OS, and are great for creative roles that require tasks like editing, rendering, producing, and developing.

The most frequent use-case where it makes sense to deploy a Mac is when the user will spend a large portion of their time on these creative tasks. Macs just seem to work better with popular creative programs like Adobe Photoshop, Final Cut Pro, or other programs that rely heavily on graphics or rendering.

Sometimes it might make sense to deploy a Mac as part of a company image. Many creative industries prefer Mac devices because the sleek design fits their branding image well. There might even be some industries (graphic design, video editing) where clients themselves have an inherent bias toward Mac computers for the design professionals they hire.

The last reason an organization might consider deploying a Mac is end-user preference. There may be a critical team-member who is more comfortable with the MacOS and prefers the Mac experience. It might make sense to let them operate with the computer they are most comfortable using in some circumstances.

Does Bridgehead IT Recommend Macs for Deployment?

In most cases Bridgehead IT may suggest opting for a Windows-based PC, but we know that sometimes a Mac just makes more sense. We have experience in using, deploying, managing, and supporting Macs.

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