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11 Benefits of Cloud-Based Technology Solutions

Posted: Nov 2021

Cloud-managed service providers, like Bridgehead IT, can prove to be extremely useful. This guide touches on key points to consider.

Did you know that 66 percent of businesses and enterprises use some form of cloud technology? In fact, the cloud service market will reach $623.3 billion in profits by 2023.

Benefits of cloud-based technology solutions include accessing your data from anywhere, streamlined workflows, and optimized business operations.

Read on to learn the benefits of cloud-based technology solutions.

1. Save Money

One of the main reasons your switch or hire managed cloud services is to cut costs. While large corporations can afford to have a large IT department, this is not the case for small to medium businesses.

Hiring full-time staff requires a business to have the funds to pay for a salary, benefits, retirement plan, and PTO.

Outsourcing cloud-managed services to a technology firm like Bridgehead IT will ensure you only pay for the services you need rather than paying a full-time salary.

2. Improved Future Planning

What does the future of your business look like? Are you planning on expanding? Do you want to switch your employees to a hybrid work environment?

No matter what the plans for the future of your business are, cloud-managed services can help get you there. You will have the technology necessary for the growth of your business.

Rather than switching your technology for the growth of your business, cloud technology grows with your business. This also translates to less time training your employees every time systems are upgraded.

3. Predictable Monthly Costs

Another great thing about managed cloud services is that you can control how much you want to pay each month. You can choose a plan that best suits the needs of your business, which will allow you to predict how much you will spend each month. This will help you set a budget and adjust it as time goes on.

Bridgehead IT also offers budget analysis and complete assessments to evaluate the best plan that works holistically with your business.

4. Customized IT Services

With customized IT services, like the ones Bridgehead IT provides, you have the option of optimizing everything about your business. You can expect a plan that is specifically curated for your business.

Cloud-managed services should not expect you to pay for a service or product that your business doesn’t need. You can choose the payment plan, data solutions, and level of security you want.

5. Minimal Infrastructure Costs

Purchasing the software, hardware, and cloud technology necessary to protect your data can cost thousands of dollars. Many small to medium businesses don’t have the technology required to pay for those expenses.

Because Bridgehead IT has access to the latest software and technology, and you don’t have to pay for any infrastructure costs. We will take care of the cloud migration plan, 1:1 support, and even staff training.

6. Central Network

Another great benefit of cloud technology is a centralized network. A cloud technology provider, like Bridgehead, will be able to manage all your applications using a central data center.

With the help of a centralized network, all of the software and applications of your business will be in one place. Having all of the technology and data under the same cloud will increase productivity. After the world switched to remote work, businesses relied heavily on the cloud to make data available for employees working remotely.

7. Get the Coverage You Need

What time of cloud technology are you looking for? Do you need a private cloud, hybrid cloud, or public cloud technology?

If you don’t know the answer to those questions, an IT service provider will be able to recommend the right cloud products for your business. The type of cloud services you need will depend on your industry and the level of coverage your business needs to perform everyday activities.

With Bridgehead IT, we will conduct a complete assessment to analyze the right strategy to improve your bottom line.

8. Stay Protected in Case of Disaster

Even if you have the best equipment, you’re not exempt from the possibility of a disaster. What would happen in case of a system crash, fire, or other? Will your data be protected?

When you have cloud-managed services, you can not only prevent disaster but can keep your systems up and running with minimal downtime.

They will ensure all of your data is protected in case disaster strikes, and you can recover your files without it costing your business thousands of dollars in downtime.

Unsure where to start? We will recommend the best cloud technology for your business.

9. Quick Response Times

Long gone are the days when you had to wait for an IT technician to come by to troubleshoot your computer system and fix the issue.

With cloud technology, we can access your system from anywhere in the world and fix the issue in no time. In fact, we can monitor and do routine maintenance on your network before the problem even starts.

10. Fill the Expertise Gaps

When it comes to protecting your files and information, your employees might not have the tools to deal with different types of clouds. While employees may know the basics of cloud technology, it is not common for them to know everything.

When you hire Bridgehead IT, you fill in the expertise gaps with an entire team of specialized experts. You and your employees will have access to skilled IT technicians who can answer their questions 24/7.

Not only can we answer questions and troubleshoot, but we can also educate employees and conduct training sessions.

11. Cybersecurity

One of the main benefits of managed cloud services is the peace of mind you will get knowing your data is safe. Cybersecurity is one of the top priorities for cloud services. We will ensure all of your data is protected from any security breaches.

Ask us how we will even help you with the overall security of your systems through a complete network and security assessment.

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